Sunday, 20 June 2010

In the garden today..

Hope you are all having a good Sunday. We saw these two in the garden a couple of hours ago

they are Red-legged Partridge (I've just looked it up). Never seen anything like it in the garden before, they were very pretty close up. Please excuse the state of this part of the garden, it is a work in progress!

Just wanted to say thank-you to everyone that commented on my last post, it has been a help, thanks for listening.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Sue xx


  1. How wonderful to see these in your garden.

  2. One corner a work in progress?? It's the whole lot in ours!!

  3. We used to have all sorts of interesting birds of the shoot me and eat me variety (if you are that way inclined) but then housing was built on some farmland at the back of us - thank heavens we have a very long garden! - and these stopped. However we get plenty of the normal garden variety of bird, and my husband has yet to convince me that as he sat eating his breakfast in the conservatory one morning a few weeks ago, a squirrel approached the back door and sat looking at him. I wonder what they put in muesli these days!!