Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Granny Blanket

This year I have been trying to teach myself to crochet, it hasn't been going too badly but I have decided I need to tackle something a bit bigger than a cushion. I managed to buy some yarn from a local charity shop which was very reasonably priced at £1.40 for a huge ball.

I saw this picture in an old 70's craft book

I like the contrast of the bright colours against the black border.

So that's the plan, to have a go at making a whole blanket. I'll keep you posted, I've just got to decide what sort of squares to do, although I do like the ones Dawn is using in her blanket if I can only find the pattern.

Hope the weather is better with you than it is here,

Sue x


  1. Nope the weather here is not good. :-( Happy crocheting!

  2. Hah. How funny. We're both travelling down the same path. Different 1970's publication, but same idea. Look forward to following your progress.

  3. Good luck and happy hooking!!
    I love making blankets..theres something so substantial about them and of course they're brill for cosying up under.
    Em xx