Friday, 4 June 2010

Birthday Treat

Today is youngest daughter's birthday, she is 24 (how did she get to be that old that quickly ).
As she had a couple of days holiday she decided that she would like to go to Brighton for the day.
So of we went yesterday morning.
She didn't plan on doing anything cultural, so we didn't go here

or here, we did go here

the Lanes, I did take some other pictures but they didn't come out very well. All that rushing trying to keep up with S. She spent a few hours wondering about, she bought some clothes and we bought her a bracelet.
We had a very nice lunch at Jamie's Italian and then had a walk along the sea front making our way towards the pier

S had doughnuts while we had a stroll along the pier, they didn't last long enough to take a photo of!
This is all that remains of the other pier

a very sad sight. Then we headed back towards the car, watching everyone on the beach toasting nicely, it was very hot.

On the way back to the car we passed this shop

I have never seen so many vintage sewing machines in one place, there was another big window
and also two upstairs ones as well.
We had a lovely day, it's not often that we get a chance to do something like that together, hope we manage again soon. This evening we are going out for a meal with one of her older sisters, I can't wait as it means I don't have to cook or do the washing up for a change.

Have a good weekend,

Sue xx


  1. Oh that looks like you had a brill day out...were the doughnuts fresh warm ones???
    In answer to your question about Jorvik yes it smells but its not all unpleasant...some of it smells like freshly carved wood but some of it smells..well less pleasant.
    Em xx

  2. Have a lovely meal and a great weekend!

    The whisker is great isn't it? Thanks for giving me the name of the pattern.

  3. That explains where all the sewing machines go. Pubs and cafes seem to be full of the treadle tables, but no sewing machines on top. I bet it was nice to spend some time together. I think you made the right choice. The beach looks busier than the shops. I hope you bought something for yourself.

  4. I used to love to go to Brighton to visit my daughter when she was at university there ... I remember us sitting in the boat seats in the sunshine outside the Museum in your photo.

    There's just as many old sewing machines in the AllSaints shop window in Bath!!!