Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Apron Swap - The Photos

My swap partner Tracey received her apron a couple of days ago so I can now show you what I made her,

the colour is a bit bleached as I had to use the flash but it gives you an idea. It is reversible, the material on the other side is a very dark blue. The pattern worked quite well although as it was cut on the bias it was a bit fiddly pinning it together while making sure that it wasn't twisted at all.

I received my apron this morning, I love it

it fits perfectly and I love the fabric. Thanks Tracey.

I'm now working on some things for the little bit greener swap, then it's on with the granny squares.

Sue x

1 comment:

  1. I love the apron you made - it is quite different isn't it. Did you use a pattern?

    The apron you received is nice a summery as well.

    I'm working on my Little Bit Greener Swap as well.

    Oh and I've just planted out the lettuce and cabbage seedlings.