Sunday, 13 June 2010

Granny Squares

As promised here are some of the squares for the blanket

as you can see I decided on a simple pattern. I did try out some others, a couple of which I couldn't make work so I decided to keep it simple. I've got lots of other colours to use so it shouldn't get boring and they are very easy and don't take long to do, which is just as well as I reckon I need about 160!

On a different note I received my parcel from Daisie for the Green Swap

she sent me some lovely things, a shopping bag, some handmade note cards,some buttons,an ice skate Christmas tree decoration and some amazing ribbon. One with vegetables on and one with lemons and flowers. Thanks Daisie. Thanks also to Rachel and Emma for organizing it.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Sue xx


  1. The crochet blanket should look great when it is made - it is the joining together that puts me off! I'm wondering if I should try a join as you go method.

    Yeah you got your green swap as well! I love the shopping bag.

  2. The beauty of granny squares is that you can stop and start and build a little stash ... if you are like me and get bored easily wander off to something else and pick the old hook up again when the fancy takes you ! Lovely swaps too Sue x

  3. Your crochet squares are looking good. I've gone for a simpler pattern too. I have so many odd bits of wool that I hope it will be a good stash buster. No real colour scheme, just a bit of everything. I keep on getting side tracked. I like the black outline.

  4. I'm with Cheryl I love the black border too - should look really effective when its all together - good luck with all those squares! :D