Wednesday, 7 April 2010

String Bags and Pin Cushions

Well the string-a-long has finished. Here is my last bag,

This one actually stretches so I should be able to use it.
This is the pin cushion I made for Apryl my pin cushion swap partner.

Which she has received and likes. This is the one she made for me,

it says "A clean house is the sign of a broken sewing machine". This made me laugh when I read it. The pins have cherry quartz beads on them, they made me think of raspberries when I first saw them.

This is the pin cushion I started weeks ago, finally finished. I'm quite pleased with it although the pattern says to cut eight segments and I could only make seven fit the cylinder in the middle. I think the pattern may be wrong as i used the pattern pieces which came with the book. If I made it again I'd have two openings, one on each side for stuffing as it was hard to get the stuffing all the way round.

My daughter's one day event went ok. She went up a level at this one, more difficult dressage test, higher show jumps and higher and wider cross country jumps. She did really well in the dressage and show jumping but had a refusal in the cross country so she wasn't placed this time. She was really pleased though as it was only her second try at this level. So another good weekend despite the mud!

Have a good week.