Monday, 10 May 2010

Vintage Book

Thought I'd show you the latest addition to my vintage book collection,

No publishing date but I think it must be mid to late 40's.
It is full of useful information,cooking,decorating-check out the ideas for rooms

It has chapters on knitting, crochet

including this collar ( love the hair ), embroidery and dressmaking.
A great chapter on household management

we look like this all the time in our house!
It also has chapters on laundering, first aid, renovations and maintenance but my favourite is this one...

Helpful tips on making all sorts of things including

Forties women seem to have been keen to have a go at most things,although I expect they were like us and bought books full of good intentions to try some of the things in them but then rarely got round to doing them. Or is that just me?

Sue x


  1. Haha its me too Sue, I'm so full of great intentions and organised plans but I thrive on disorder and chaos so my household is usually in a state of anarchy!
    Love the look of the book though,those sort of books make great reading don't they?
    Have a lovely week.
    Em xx

  2. No, you are not alone. I have bookcases to testify the fact! So many good ideas, so little time. I love reading through the older ones. The ones written when pipe cleaners really were used to clean pipes.

    Is it just me but does the room arrangements look like modern day clip art?

  3. I love this type of book, with stuff like how to breed rabbits! I have lots of them as well.

  4. I think this has a much sadder origin. It was first printed, from copies on Abe Books, in 1947, and again in 1950. There were, as a result of WWII, not enough men to go around, and a great many women had to adjust to a single life where they had to be able to either pay someone to do stuff, or do it themselves. There were quite a number of these ladies around in my childhood, and a capable lot they tended to be, too.