Friday, 14 May 2010

Spring Flowers

There are a lot of beautiful photos of spring flowers in blog land at the moment so I thought I would add a few more. These were all seen on my walk to town.

This tree is just by my front door, it smells wonderful.

This is honesty I think, it was just growing in a hedge.

The lily of the valley are in the same front garden, they look really good together I think.

A solitary tulip, it looks a bit sad but the colour is beautiful.

Two types of lilac, I wish you could smell them!

Unfortunately all this beauty won't last long and it will all end up like this

So enjoy it while you can.

I've also included some photos of these...

I know they are weeds but I love buttercups and daisies they always make me smile.

And one last thing

I know it's a dandelion and I know they are a pain in the garden but the seed heads really are very beautiful when you look at them closely.

I have been doing some sewing but I can't show you at the moment as the apron I am making is for the apron swap. I will have some photos once my partner Tracey has received it.

Have a good weekend.

Sue x


  1. Next doors blossom is falling on our conservatory roof at the moment, which makes it sound like rain. Outside our door, it is like we have a flower girl throwing petals down for us to walk on. Hopefully its a sign of lots of fruit to come.

    You must have a very fragrant walk to town at the moment as well as beautiful to look at. I love seeing the lone flowers that seem to be out on their own.

  2. Such a beautiful time of year, isn't it! Something new every day.

  3. Just found your blog...I love the dandelion seed heads as well, they are pretty amazing.

    I've just finished the apron for my swap partner as well and it is winging its way to her.