Thursday, 20 May 2010

Jelly Bean

I spent yesterday evening watching my daughter exercise her horse,

I know very little about horses, we are not a horsey family or weren't until S started riding.
I just go along to offer a bit of moral support and for her to bounce ideas off but I think my main function is to do this...

Poo pick, well someone has to do it.

After she has been worked and as it was so warm last night Jelly Bean gets a hose down

she tolerates this very well, although as you can see from her ears ( they are pointing backwards) she would rather not be doing this.

After this she usually gets a treat and she has learnt to do this

she says please, her previous owner must have taught her.
After she has had her treats ( polos ), she gets a quick rub down and then she is put in her pyjamas for the night ( a rug obviously ).

I really enjoy my evenings at the yard especially now that the evenings are light and it's getting warmer, I don't even mind it that much in the winter! S is so lucky to have something that she really enjoys doing and that she is good at, I'm glad that I'm able to be part of it.

Sue x

P.S. Did you spot the deliberate mistake? S should be wearing a helmet, she is very bad at not wearing it when she exercises JB, despite constant nagging from me.


  1. I love that her horse is called Jelly Bean! Its such a brilliant name.
    And thats naughty of her about the keep nagging!!!
    Have a lovely day.
    Em xx

  2. I had a bad accident a few years ago (inside a menage/manege)which stopped me riding. I miss horses and love being around them. I even don't mind the smell of horse poo!

  3. I love Jelly Bean's trick of raising a hoof. We teach this to our dogs. Great way to dry their paws. Probably not the same advantage with horses.