Sunday, 23 May 2010

Not so Secret Squirrel

Took these photos the other day

The pesky thing, I do object to feeding the squirrels but you have to admire his acrobatics.

I've probably shown my age by the title, I don't suppose many of you remember Secret Squirrel, the original one anyway.

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend,

Sue x


  1. Oooh cheeky!!
    We have one that sits outside our living room window on occasion and peeps in!
    Em xx

  2. Oh gosh, I do remember Secret Squirrel! Does that give me away? ;-)

  3. Oh, I always miss shots like that. By the time I've got my camera, its too late. What a perfect athelete. I have a friend who used to watch them carrying off whole cobs from her sweetcorn.

  4. I don't remember Secret Squirrel, but I love squirrels anyway - even though we're supposed to hate the greys and report them to the people whose job it is to 'control' them. As if.....