Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Apron Swap

Well I have finally posted my apron to Tracey,

it took me longer than I thought. I have taken a photo of the finished apron which I will post when I know that she has received it.

I'm now sorting out some things for a green swap that I'm taking part in which is being organized by Rachel and Emma at that little bit greener, my partner is Alex Daisie Days, hopefully I can find some interesting things.

Take care,

Sue x


  1. I'm waiting for my swap partners apron to arrive as well so I can post a picture of it.

    I'm also exactly where you are for That little bit greener swap. Well in the sorting out and thinking stage that is.

  2. Look forward to seeing the photos of the apron. How come I never hear about these swaps?!?

  3. I'm with Dawn - all these swaps just seem to pass me by - I am always in the wrong place at the wrong time! Can't wait to see the finished apron and what you come up with for the little bit greener swap - sounds interesting! :D