Saturday, 15 May 2010


It's been such a lovely day today that I decided it was time I spent some time in the garden.

Nothing too strenuous as you can see by my tools of choice. Some gentle hoeing and dead heading.As usual I have had a bumper crop of these..

After a few hours work I had a weed free gravel path and one tidy border

just another four to go. They will have to wait for today as I have to go and straighten out my back!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Sue x


  1. We've had a lovely day here too..I hope summer is finally on its way!
    Although its still very cold at nights.
    Em xx

  2. I could spend all day weeding and not really get anywhere...Still, I suppose if I never did any then we wouldn't be able to move for overgrowth!

  3. Feels good to get that gardening done, doesn't it?

  4. My children would be thrilled with your haul of stones. They are going through the stage of making stone soup.