Monday, 30 August 2010


I bought this recently

it accompanies the BBC programme The Great British Bake Off. It's got some delicious things in it

I'm not sure which to make first. Maybe I should just work my way from one end to the other!
Maybe not, we would then require some serious dieting I think.
Whatever I decide to do I'll post about the results.

Hope you've all had good weekends.

Sue x


  1. I've thrown away most of the last 2 cakes I've made. I don't know what's come over us!

  2. I think you should work your way through it, on our behalf. Then we'll be SO supportive when you diet.....

  3. Oh - I love flicking through a good cookbook.


  4. Great looking book - i'll have to keep my eye open for it (when its reduced!!) I'm still using Nigella's Domestic Goddess book at the mo. Love your days out - I'm always on the look out for inspiration. xxx

  5. This post is making me hungry! Have popped over as I took my first look at blogger's stats today and found that people seem to find me through you! Love the blog - think we might have a bit in common!

  6. Oooh they look delicious!!
    I've just started my 'lose 6 stone in 5 weeks' diet though so its no cake for me!
    Em xxx

  7. Oh - please don't tempt me with cake - I have been comfort eating ahead of tomorrow's horrors at the dentist ....... I don't want to think about looking out the winter clothes (I'm sucking my tummy in as I type!!)

  8. Make them all, please. A cake a week. I'm sure willing tasters will appear soon after you have finished making them, so don't worry about a diet. Looking at those photos (yum!) just made me realise I'm making square and rectangle cakes at the moment. I need to dig out the round tins again.