Friday, 20 August 2010


This is just a quick post today to say thank you to Lorraine for the pay it forward gifts. They arrived cheerfully wrapped

and they smelt good too, thanks to the lavender. When I opened the parcel I found these

a dish cloth, a brooch and a heart. Thank you Lorraine, they are very much appreciated.

We went to Savill Gardens today, hopefully I'll do a post about our day out tomorrow.

Sue x


  1. Ooooh lovely!!
    I'm hoping to get my PIF gifts sent out this next week.
    Em xxx

  2. Love the dishcloth. I have some 'rough' cotton which will be perfect for dishclothes. Something else to add to my 'to try' list!

  3. Love the detail on the dishcloth, and anything hearty is good !

  4. Do use the dishcloth! Glad you liked them. :-)