Saturday, 14 August 2010


Thank you for all the well wishes on my last post. We went out last night and celebrated with a very nice meal.
Anyway, Rachel asked about a photo so here you go

check out the glasses! (They were fashionable at the time honest).
They look a bit different today

Hope you enjoy the weekend.

Sue xx


  1. My glasses have changed similarly over the years!!

  2. My glasses have changed similarly over the years!!

  3. Tee hee - I remember those enormous glasses! My mother held on to hers for a few years longer than was necessary. Does the groom still have such a fine head of hair?

    Thank you for the photo - what a beautiful veil and simple headdress!

  4. Belated congratulations! Thanks for your comment on my blog - you speak of forgetting the children's names I know what you mean and I even forget my own sometimes!! On more than one occasion I have been asked for my address and simply can't think where I live - luckily it comes to me within seconds so thus far am avoiding the funny farm!!

    Jane x

  5. Great photo. They are a real moment in time aren't they. Mine are dreadful in a funny sort of way. I hate being photographed anyway, but I'd also recently had an operation and half my face didn't work due to nerve damage. I look very depressed but it was to avoid a lopsided smile! Funnily enough it was a fantastic day and the photos do it no justice at all!!
    I have also run the gamut of 'trendy' glasses. Starting with blue NHS ones. Yummy.

  6. aaw lovely!!
    Do you still by any chance have those specs Sue?
    The retro appeal of those will be amazing!
    Em xx

  7. Beautiful wedding photo. I love the way your glasses have shrunk in 32 years. What will they be like in another 32 years!