Friday, 27 August 2010

Greys Court

Yesterday we went to Greys Court in Oxfordshire it is near Henley on Thames and about an hours journey for us. The house that is there now is Tudor but there have been people living on the site for nearly 1000 years. The estate has only been owned by five families in all that time.
The house is not very big in fact it is a very homely and welcoming house, it's very easy to imagine living there. Unfortunately photography is not allowed in the house so there are no piccies I'm afraid.

In the grounds there are the remains of some of the earliest buildings, this tower

and some of the walls that used to surround the manor.

The gardens are beautiful

this is the white garden which is around the base of the tower.

this is the cherry garden, this is also grown amongst the old walls. There is a walled kitchen garden

which as you can see was stuffed to bursting. Among the things growing were these amazing applesit was very tempting to pick some, I didn't I hasten to add. If you are ever near Henley it's definitely worth a visit.

We are off to a one day event tomorrow, another early start! We are hoping for a dry day so fingers crossed.

Hope you enjoy the long weekend and that the sun shines on you.

Sue x


  1. I must go there soon, maybe when we are in that area in a couple of weeks. It looks wonderful, just my cup of tea! Have a happy weekend! Susie xxx

  2. I feel like I've just been on a tour. Thank you.

    Anne xx

  3. Oh yes, I can definitely see me living in a place like that.

    It looks beautiful - another one to add to the 'Places I'd like to visit' list.

    Jill x

  4. Oh Wow that looks amazing...just imagine the history that place must have seen!!
    Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend.
    Em xx

  5. I have such a long list of places to visit that I have seen on blogs - I think I need to go on holiday for about five years to see them all!!

  6. I always think an all white garden would be so calming & serene. Looks lovely here.

  7. Lovely tour.

    (Long weekend? What long weekend? We don't get English Bank Holidays in Scotland, you know. Sulk.)

  8. What a lovely place to visit for a day out.Unfortunately we don't usually get to see these places because dogs are not allowed :O(

  9. It's gorgeous isn't it? It's not too far from us and we visited a few years ago. Have you been to Mapledurham House and Mill? Another lovely place to see.

  10. I have such a long list of places to visit that I have seen on blogs - I think I require to go on holiday for about seven years to see all of them!!
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