Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cake Tins

These arrived today

to go with the new recipe book.
All I need to do now is fill them up.
Watch this space.

Sue x


  1. Very nice. Very dangerous. Especially the filling-up part, because of what then follows......

  2. I love your tins, so much nicer than plastic containers. Looking forward to seeing what you put in them too! :-)

  3. Oh, those are great - can't wait to see what goes in them though!

  4. I'm here via slow lane and I,have to know Why ??

    Why does husband say no dog at the moment. Why ?? Is it a good reason ? Life is so short. So many dogs need homes and they bring with them such endless joy.

    Dog crazy (and cats too) in Nova Scotia

  5. You know the cakes will never make it into the tin, right? They will be eaten before you have time to store them. Happy cake making!