Monday, 13 September 2010

Green and Gorgeous

Yesterday we visited here

Green and Gorgeous grow flowers which they sell as bouquets, they also do wedding flowers. Everything is grown organically. They have a beautiful site in the Oxfordshire countryside.

This is a general view across the site, there were several large polytunnels this one with dahlias

the others had roses and also vegetables. This plant was growing on supports around the beds

it's called a cup and saucer vine, it's an annual so obviously grows very quickly. There were sunflowers

and lots of beautiful roses

like this one. Don't know what it's called unfortunately.
We had a lovely afternoon walking round in the sunshine, we finished up with tea and scones. Couldn't ask for more.

On Saturday I made cake 2 from my new book, a Bara Brith.

This one turned out ok,although the recipe needed tweeking. It needed more fluid than the recipe said but apart from that it worked fine. It certainly tasted good and it didn't last long, we had the last bit this evening.
Not sure what the next one is going to be but I'll be sure to share the results with you.

Hope you all have good weeks,

Sue x


  1. I had one of those cup and saucer plants which I bought as a little thing in a yoghurt pot and which grew like Jack's beanstalk and pretty much covered the front of the house! They are apparently annuals though so when it died back and I cut it back I think that's the end of it. That cake looks delicious.


  2. Ohhhhh those beautiful flowers. Where in the world would we be without flowers. Your cake looks yummy.

    Anne :-)

  3. The amount of liquid needed tends to vary according to the brand of flour, I find. Looks pretty good though!

  4. Isn't it lovely to see flowers as the days get shorter and the nights chillier. They are so cheering, inside and out. Bara Brith... I agree with Rachel, the liquid you need does vary... luckily the taste is constantly lovely!

  5. Gorgeous flowers - just what I need to cheer me up - it's pouring with rain, windy and almost dark slthough it is only just after seven - yeugh!!

  6. Oh I'd love to visit there. In my younger days I worked on a farm growing & cutting & exporting Gypsophelia - I was in heaven !

  7. What a lovely place - and a nice Welsh cake too! :D

  8. The cup and saucer vine looks wonderful I'd never heard of it before. Your Bara Brith looks lovely - look forward to seeing what you bake next:)

  9. Gorgeous flowers. I love looking at flowers and gardens, I get lots of inspiration for my own garden and flowers just make me happy! Sending smiles, Em x

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