Monday, 6 September 2010

Cake 1

Well, I made the first cake from my new book on Sunday.

I decided to have a go at the cherry cake. It looked fine in the tin

and it looked fine while it was cooling down

but when I cut into it all the cherries had sunk to the bottom.

It tastes fine, thankfully but has anyone got any ideas about how to stop the cherries sinking? I did everything it said in the recipe but that obviously didn't work.

Oh and Cheryl, it has managed to spend one day in one of the new tins! Don't think it will be there much longer though.



  1. I was told to wash and dry the cherries then toss in a little flour - seems to work, but my daughter loves cakes that sink and the fruit drops to the bottom so I don't always bother!

  2. I agree, does it really matter where the fruit is? I find I have to add loads more than the recipes recommend almost every time, maybe just more fruit means it can't sink!

  3. Toss the cherries in a little flour before mixing them in, and then get the cake into the oven as quickly as possible. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, but really, does it matter? The joy of home baking is that it should look home made, not like it came off a factory production line.... Well, that's always my excuse, anyway!

  4. Looks delicious and could be called cherry bottom cake and you can say that's how it's meant to be! According to my mother's ancient Good Housekeeping cookery book fruit sinking in a cake can be due to:
    1) Damp fruit - if washed leave to dry for 48 hours!
    2) Sticky glace cherries - wash and lightly flour
    3) Too soft a mixture - fruit cake mixture needs to be fairly stiff so it can hold up the weight of fruit
    4) Opening or banging the oven door whilst the cake is cooking
    5) Using self raising flour where the recipe requires plain flour or using too much baking powder - the cake then over rises ad cannot carry the fruit with it.

    So now you know! Hope one of the above might be of use.


  5. Rinsing and drying, coating with flour as has been said, is the best way to stop fruit sinking. But does it really matter? I know we are supposed to 'eat with our eyes first' but really, it's the taste that counts surely?

  6. Looks very yummy. No cake for me though as not ONE but TWO pairs of jeans didn't/wouldn't do up this morning!

  7. I always wash, dry and flour my cherries - but the only thing I bake with cherries is my Christmas cake, so it may be that the other fruit stops them from sinking! If you gace me a slice of your cake, I would simple eat the top first and save the cherry-laden bit for the last bite!

  8. I roll my wet cherries in ground almonds before putting them in.
    It looks lovely though. As long as it tastes good that's all that matters!

  9. I like the idea of rolling them in almonds. I follow the Mary Berry way of washing and drying. I don't really mind, so long as I get at least one cherry in each slice.

    Glad the cake lasted more than a day. This is where I've been going wrong. I should keep mine in a tin, not a glass container, then no one would find them.

  10. Yum - that looks delicious, who cares where the cherries are? - you won't be able to tell once it's eaten! :D

  11. Looks pretty good to me - I'd save the charried bit 'til last too!

    I was told to wash the cherries and roll them in flour as well.

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