Tuesday, 19 October 2010


We went to stay with the son and heir at the weekend, he lives in Hackney (which was much nicer than I expected and very clean ). We wandered around town on the Saturday, we saw this

Leadenhall Market, they don't build shopping centres like that any more. Not sure what they did sell there but I think it may have been something to do with game as there were golden pheasants on the round towers. This

Monument, the top is very beautiful but I didn't want to get a closer look as I have no head for heights. This

the London Eye, there were huge queues but I wouldn't have fancied a trip on this either. This

and this

it's on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, it's quite impressive.
We also visited Sealife. It's interesting to see fish close up but I have mixed feelings about large marine creatures living in tanks. The sharks and turtles were swimming round and round, they reminded me a bit of lions and bears pacing backwards and forwards in zoos.
As we were heading over towards Covent Garden we walked past this building, The Institute of Painters in Watercolours, haven't noticed it before. I don't know if part of it is still the Institute, as you can see the bottom is all shops but then I suppose it might always have been like that.

On Sunday we went for a walk around Spitalfields. The old market is now full of stalls selling clothes and antiques, there are also some very nice cake stalls which we did spend some of our pennies at.This church

is on one side of the market it is Christ Church Spitalfields and it is by Nicholas Hawksmoor, very simple and very beautiful. While we were wandering around I happened to glance down one of the side streets and saw this,

I don't know if you can make out the horse statue. No idea what building it's on, any one have any ideas?

We had a lovely time, we don't get to see son and heir very often so it's always a treat when we do. He's coming home in a few weeks for his big sister's birthday so there won't be such a long gap between visits this time.

Enjoy the rest of the week,

Sue x

P.S. It's official, I'm old. I had to give in and use a magnifying mirror to tidy up my eyebrows this morning, how depressing is that!


  1. Lovely trip - London is such an interesting place and no matter how often you visit there is always something you hadn't seen before. I have been on the Eye (like you I didn't think I'd like it) and it was really great especially as the day we picked was a bright sunny clear day and we could see forever! Well worth a go I'd say.


  2. Glad you enjoyed your visit to see your son. Looks like you had a lovely trip around London, there is always so much to see.

  3. No idea what the horse statue building is....Lloyd's Bank perhaps? Yes, I sympathise with you're having to use a magnifier these days, comes to us all eventually I'm afraid. Along with the spare pair of reading glasses in every room lest you mislay any of them!

  4. Great photos - I am long overdue a trip to London. I have to use a magnifying mirror and have my glasses on!!

  5. Just wait until you have to use the magnifying mirror to pluck little whiskery hairs from your chin! I too have a son and heir that I don't see enough of! Enjoyed seeing your photos of London - we haven't been there for years - I would love to go sightseeing.....

  6. What fun! I like that relaxed form of sightseeing - "this monument", "not sure", "don't know" - not for you the tyranny of the guidebook, just enjoying what you see!

    And London is such a treasure trove for those of us who don't live there - it turns me into a wide-eyed gaping yokel every time.

  7. ...hi....that horse is (i think) Rebellion by Judy Boyt...commissioned by Standard Life

  8. I'm with you on the large fish in tanks and no head for heights, but the top of that column is rather magnificent looking. We have a sea life centre near us, they do sterling work in looking after washed up seals as well as the other marine life they have permanently, and whilst I love to see them, somehow I feel sorry for them, being stared at and only that area to move about in. But at least they are safe from predators.

  9. Like the 4th plinth offering! We once went to a sea life place in France (some sort of research place- not all fancy. Put me off the sea forever. And as for magnifying mirrors...I've had one for ages. It's a 12X and quite scary!!

  10. We went to London in september, its great isn't it. I loved that ship in the bottle! It makes me want to go again looking at your pics! Susie xxx

  11. Hi Sue, oh bless you i think my eyes are going, i blame it on constantly sewing! i fancy a trip to london too! fliss xxx

  12. I love visiting London. It's been far too long since my last trip :0(
    It was lovely wondering around Spitalfields and by the Thames with you. I don't have a head for heights either, but I did manage to have a ride on the London Eye and it was brilliant - though I didn't go right to the glass windows, I kept my bum firmly attached to the seats in the middle.

    Jill x

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