Friday, 29 October 2010

Hay on Wye

On Tuesday we went to Hay on Wye, it's a pretty little town right on the northern most tip of the Black Mountains. It has the ruins of a huge castle.

The view from the car park is pretty amazing

but the main reason for visiting Hay is the bookshops.
I love books and any excuse to add to my collection cannot be passed by.
We visited several, some better than others. Hay on Wye Booksellers was one of the better ones, they had a huge stock and the lady running it was very friendly. We also visited one which is housed in the old cinema, Hay Cinema Bookshop. This is also very good, there are thousands of books but the staff are a bit offhand, still worth a visit though.

We didn't spend all our time in the bookshops, we had a wander around the town. This picture is by the side of one of the shops

he looks a bit furtive to me, maybe it's something to do with the books he is reading!
This plaster work is very pretty

pity we don't take as much trouble now with our buildings.
This shop is very eye catching

it used to be a butchers, all the tiles on the pillars have animals on them.

We came across this while walking round

very confusing. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Hay is right on the border of Wales and England and they still haven't decided who has right of way!

We had a lovely time , I hope to go back soon, you can never have too many books after all!

Hope you enjoy your weekends.

Sue x


  1. It looks a facinating place, I love books too. The final photo is hilarious isn't it! I bet some 'interesting' situations happen there...

  2. My husband and I have said we must go there some day...for the book shops! We are both lovers of old books and spend an age in book shops. Looks like a lovely town as well...even if the roads are a little confusing ;-)

  3. Ooooo, spending time in bookshops, one of my favourite things to do. I love the photo of the arrows on the road. As you say, most confusing.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  4. C'mon, those arrows are easy - you stand between them and dither. And no one is allowed to toot their car horn at you.

  5. Browsing a fabulous bookshop is the best way to waste time! Hubby and I love to do this. I used to love the series "Ellen" and wanted to work in that bookshop - it was the first one I saw that had coffee in it too! And "The little shop around the corner" in youve got mail is my ideal workplace! Sadly more and more bookshops are going out of business so its great to treasure the ones we have left. xxx

  6. This brought back many happy memories, thank you. Including coming home with more bags than we went with!!!

  7. A trip down memory lane - I too enjoyed a visit to Hay on Wye. Love the painted arrows pic - could cause a nasty accident couldn't it?!


  8. Lovely - brought back some memories for me - I remember loads of books in cases and on old shelves outside the cinema bookshop:) I love bookshops - have been in a couple of lovely ones today whilst travelling to Bakewell and back.

  9. As a fellow bibliophile, one day I'll make it to Hay on Wye, meanwhile I have enjoyed looking at your post Sue.

    I particularly like the Georgian man ascending the stairs, he does look rather furtive!

    How bizarre those arrows in the road are as well, I like Rachel's comment above, about standing and dithering in the


  10. The Arrows are due to the fact that the street was on way (towards the camera), but they (who ever does these things) decided that you can now turn down that small section from a turning behind the taker of the photo.