Sunday, 31 October 2010


On yesterdays post Jee asked me if I had bought any books in Hay, silly question, of course I did. Although not as many as I had hoped. I'll show you what I got,

two Alice Thomas Ellis, I've already finished one.

some embroidery books. I'm not really impatient when it comes to sewing but I don't have a lot of free time and the things in this book are quick to make. The middle book has some quite big projects in, may have to wait a while to get round to some of those.

This was published in 1978 when Elizabeth Craig was 95 and still working. I've got lots of her books mostly dating from the 30's and 40's.
I only managed to find a couple of vintage books and one of those isn't that old. This one

which is from the 50's I think. At least I know how to do the washing now!
This one is a gem

the shop had it marked as being 50's but I'm pretty sure it's from the 30's. It's mostly recipes but it also has a section on modern! kitchens

and a bit on basic first aid

which looks pretty scary to me, the poor child looks really fed up.

So, there you go, my finds, as I said not as many as I had hoped but more than enough as far as husband is concerned.

Enjoy the coming week,

Sue x


  1. They look brilliant especially those vintage housekeeping books!!
    Em xxx

  2. Lovely interesting books. I'm glad you managed to get some!

  3. Fabulous..... Keep it up; you'll be the perfect old-fashioned housewife yet!

  4. Super books - especially the embroidery ones., I clicked on the kitchen photo to have a better look - the cooker looked a bit like the one that my Mum had, which she got in 1952.

  5. the Modern Housewife's Book looks fantastic, love it!

  6. The Modern Housewife's book is indeed from the 1930s, and was based on a series of booklets, 'Aunt Kate' booklet series which covered household management, child care, cookery etc., and had ads in for ideal milk, and Borwicks baking powder amongst others. They sell for around £13 - £20, sometimes a little more depending on the condition. Fascinating these old books aren't they?

  7. What a great selection of books - love the look of the persil one and I am a sucker for anything that reveals the wonders of being a housewife! Glad you had a good trip xx

  8. Oh, you did well. The embroidery books look really good and I love vintage housekeeping books.

  9. Persil (does the book tell you it means Parsley?) is still around...and is recommended by Miele, especially for its front loader washing machines because it contains no animal fats... therefore can't cause build up and eventually odour.

    they had a great idea ...and it's still a great idea... they were the first laundry powder I think...

  10. What a great selection. I like the look of the Persil Plan and The Modern Housewife's Book:)

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