Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Lovely Few Days

Eldest child and her partner came to stay for a few days. They arrived last Thursday and went home again on Sunday. They live in Norwich, so we don't get to see them as often as we would like. Not that Norwich is the other side of the world but jobs and life tend to get in the way of visiting each other very often. During their stay they went to London on Saturday, this was to attend The Chap Olympiad it is organized by The Chap magazine. Everyone who attends goes dressed in vintage clothes. Eldest child is a collector of vintage dresses ( should that be frocks? ), shoes and handbags, so this was the perfect chance to get dressed up. Her partner was also properly attired ( he does as he is told!).

She spent Friday evening doing her hair and nails.

It took her 2 hours to get all the curlers in! Then she spent another hour doing her nails

if you look closely you can see that she hasn't painted the moons. Apparently this is how they did it in the Forties.

Saturday morning was spent making their picnic and adding the final touches to their outfits.

The front view ( she wouldn't let me take a photo with her face on to put on the blog, which is such a shame as she looked beautiful ) . Her clothes are all original 1940's, dress, bag and shoes. Her partners' are modern versions.

The back view, you can just make out her hair, which looked lovely. You can also see G's cloth cap.

They had a really good day, drinking gin and tonic and people watching! They are hoping to go again next year and they are trying to persuade us to go with them. Watch this space.


  1. They look super!
    Specially your daughter`s lovely curly hair!
    The Forties style really suites them both!
    They make such a cute couple!


  2. The Forties fashions were just so feminine weren't they, and really showed off a girls' figure. She looks beautiful, even minus the head, and they make a lovely couple.Love your wall of books by the way, we have a few like that, don't they tend to take over? But in a nice way!

  3. They look fantastic ... I wish my girls would take more interest in all things vintage .... they just give me an odd look when I get all excited about something old x

  4. Oh what fun - they both look great! Pity we can't see her face as I bet she looks gorgeous!

  5. She looks wonderful. They both do. What a great interest to have. Nice to think my lot might not grow out of dressing up anytime soon! I think you ought to go next year. It looks fun.

  6. Oh gosh they look brilliant and by the sound of it they had a great time too!
    Em xx

  7. Fabulous!! I can remember my Mum leaving her half-moons unpainted - but she only used clear polish!

  8. Hello Sue,
    OH I am sooooo jealous! I really wanted to dress up for our local 1940's weekend in Leyburn, North Yorkshire which was last weekend. Unfortunately I'm not as slim as your lovely daughter so finding an outfit is a bit tricky. I'm determined to do it next time though. I think I need to get the shoes right first.

    As for machine embroidery, yes I am self taught. I did a general textile course for one afternoon a week about 5 years ago, which did me the world of good. It taught me to throw the rule book out, lol.
    Free and Easy Stitch Style by Poppy Treffry is quite a good book for free motion machine embroidery.

    All the best Fi x

  9. Wow - that looks fun! Doesn't she look wonderful ( and her handsome partner of course!) :D

  10. It was such a lovely beautiful days. I see your all pictures. Your in front picture looks so good. I like your nail polish colour. Your hair styles are so nice.

    Work smarter

  11. Both are look beautiful. I have seen all these pictures and the cloths are so beautiful. I love This beautiful days. I love your wall of book.