Sunday, 4 July 2010


I felt like doing some baking today and was inspired to use some of the jam I made last week. So a Victoria Sponge seemed in order. It took about an hour to go from this

to this

I don't suppose it will last very long, things like this don't tend to in our house!

Thought I'd up date you on the pots, they are doing really well

full to bursting. There does seem to be a slight problem with black fly on the cosmos and the small daisies, so I'm hoping for some help from the local ladybirds.

Hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend.

Sue x


  1. The pots are looking great Sue and the cake looks very yummy...wouldn't last long in our house either!

  2. The cake looks yummy. Is that strawberry jam in the middle? The pots have really come on. Sorry to hear about the black fly. I'm sure the ladybirds and hover flies will be a long soon.

  3. There is nothing quite so lovely and tempting as a beautifully made and filled Victoria Sponge. I have made lots of different cakes over the last fifty odd years, but always come back to the Victoria Sponge. It is simple, no complicated recipe to follow...but as you say, they never stick around long! (So I won't ask if you saved me a piece...)

  4. The sponge looks wonderful - it's a long time since I baked one, I must do one soon!! Your pots are lovely - mine were in danger of blowing away yesterday!

  5. Hi Sue
    your cake looks yummy!

    My cross stitch is the cut thr narrow boat from here: i really like the gypsy caravan too!

    fliss xxx

  6. Hello Sue, and thanks for dropping by at Laburnum Cottage. For the crochet hexagon pattern go to and on the right hand side is a tutorial for them. They are so incredibly easy to do, and yet effective. Enjoy!!

  7. Hi Sue, thanks for popping over to say hello. Your cake looks absolutely delicious, I could just eat some of that now except it's really time I was in bed! Love your new shoes, I hope they're comfy.


  8. hi sue. thanks for visiting, your cake looks delicious, and filled with homemade jam too, can't beat that ! xxx

  9. The pots are looking lovely, not to mention the cake. We have terrible blackfly too. Think it'll take a lot of ladybirds to get rid of them, there seem to be thousands!