Monday, 1 March 2010

Mend, Mend, Mend!

Well there hasn't been much crafting going on this week but there has been a lot of altering and mending.
First I had to mend this vest top of my daughter's. This is the base layer of her work clothes, she's a groom and works outside in all weathers.

Then I had to take up some jeans for her.

They were too short, so she decided that she wanted to be able to wear them as shorts.

Then I had to shorten the neck strap on an apron that I bought in a local charity shop, a bargain at £2.

Then the afore mentioned daughter asked me to make a red stock for her to wear when she does the cross country section of her one day events.
A stock is a type of cravat and one day events are, as it says in the name, a day of riding doing three different disciplines, dressage, show jumping and cross country. The new season is about to start, hence the new stock.
I did manage to cut out the pieces for my pincushion

but that is about as far as I have got.

I've also signed up for the String-A-Long organised by Emily at Mousy Brown to make a string shopping bag. I thought this would fit in nicely with expanding my crochet skills while at the same time fitting into my 20 minutes a day crafting.
The String-A-Long started today and I have managed to get about 8 rows done. So far, so good.


  1. 8 rows of knitting and all that other stuff too - you have been busy! :D

  2. Hello Sue,
    Gosh you have been busy! Your crochet looks lovely.
    Yes of course you can put the 20 Minutes button on your side bar. Let me know if you have any trouble and I'll try and help.

    Fi x

  3. Mending is one of my favourite things - it always makes me feel so virtuous!

    Pomona x