Thursday, 11 February 2010

First Post!

Well, this is my first post. I decided to start blogging as I have joined the 'twenty minutes a day' crafting started by Fiona at MarmaladeRose . I'm not sure how good I'm going to be at blogging as I'm a bit of a technophobe but with the help of my daughter I'll give it a go.
I have to say I find the thought of blogging a bit daunting. I read lots of blogs all by very talented people who I find very inspiring but they also make me feel a bit dubious about sharing my efforts. Anyway, my daughter has talked me into having a go, so....

The cushion cover in the picture was done during my first sessions of twenty minutes. I'm new to crochet so I'm not very quick yet. The ripple pattern is from Lucy at Attic24. The wool was not very expensive and as a result was not very nice to use, it kept splitting and the colours are a bit harsh but as this was my first attempt at crocheting I didn't want to spend a lot.

The material I used for the back I found in a local charity shop. As you can see from the finished cushion the back is very simple just overlapping pieces.

In my next post I should have some granny squares to show you.


  1. WHOOHOO! Hello! Lovely to 'see' you. Welcome to blogging. Your one up on me, I haven't managed to master the ripple yet. Well done, keep up the 20 minutes.
    I'll be back for the squares.

    Fi x

  2. Well done. What a lovely cushion!

    I look forward to your future posts.

  3. lovely work here, nice to see you join the group